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In recent years, to complement its core fund services offerings and to continue to meet client requirements, SuMi Trust has provided a number of additional services under its Ancillary Management Services.

  • Investor Taxation – In addition to core fund level financial reporting requirements, many investors require supplementary reporting to enable them (and / or their agents) to compile and file their individual taxation returns. The following are the key investor domiciles that SuMi Trust has dealt with.
    • United States Investor Taxation Including PFIC and K1 Reporting, US Investor Taxation Agents introductions
    • United Kingdom Investor Taxation – UK Reporting Status regime
    • German Taxation Investor Taxation – SuMi Trust is experienced in servicing funds with the following German investor taxation requirements and the two key levels of German Investor Taxation Reporting
      • Annual Deemed Distributable Income
      • Aktiengewinn (‘AKG’) – SuMi Trust can provide AKG compliant reporting in parallel with the dealing valuations.
  • Management Support Services
    • Management Accounts for management companies on agreed cycle.
    • Directors Income Taxation Services – withholding PAYE/ PRSI and report/ remit it to the Irish Revenue.
    • Section 110 -covering accounting, valuation and secretarial support services as required.